When we receive anything from our five senses, this information perceives through our brain. When anything perceives as a danger to human nervous system, it receives by amygdala (small almond shaped gland in the brain) It perceives as DANGER through neuro transmitters and it stimulate pituitary gland in human nervous system. 

It further stimulates adrenal gland (stress gland which located just above kidney), it secrets stress hormones in the blood circulation. Secretion of stress hormone is one part of human biology. In this way there is constant, multiway and multilevel communication between mind and body.

Normally it known as FIGHT OR FLIGHT response of human body. It is natural defensive phenomenon of defense system.  But if there is real fear ,then it is beneficial, otherwise it becomes CURS for human body.

Let’s understand how……

  1. Real fear like 
  2. Natural disasters (earth quake, tsunami….)
  3. Facing any wild animal like tiger, snake…
  4. Attack by someone like robbers, terrorist, or any violence.
  • These are the real fear, in this situation FIGHT OR FLIGHT response of human body if a natural defensive mechanism.
  • Secretion of stress hormones, increase blood glucose level in human body to provide energy to each and every cell.
  • Stress hormones increase blood pressure and narrow all the blood vessels of human body to increase blood circulation in body to provide enough oxygen as well as others macro and micro nutrients to each and every cell, especially brain, because brain consume 20% more oxygen and 25% more glucose than any other part of body.

So, FIGHT AND FLIGHT response is wonderful mechanism for survivance for human body, because in real fear situation person either fight or flight, so it consumes energy and it will automatically stabilized blood sugar and other biology……. 


Today neuroscientist proved that same quantity of stress hormones secrets when person feels any negative emotions like imaginary fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, aggression, worry etc.…
Any negative emotion stimulates PNE axis of human body and secrets same stress hormones in the body.

Means FIGHT OR FLIGHT response of body, now after feeling of negative emotion NOBODY will going to fight or flight, means no action at physical level like to run or use your muscular power to fight……. So, high blood glucose level which stimulate though this response is keep going circulate in human body and cycle goes on……. apart from it circulate other toxins as well which are stimulate through stress hormones.

So, in this way it becomes CURS as well.

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