When any disease has deep root cause, we need to understand dynamization of health. Dynamization Health is commonly observed that fixing few symptoms of disease with chemical pills, correction in diet, providing enough sleep, or any mean of exercise or supportive measures will give RELIEF, but not …..CURE….

So, what is happening in human body in all the dimensions during disease or healing process. today we all are aware that dealing with chronic disease is greatest challenge to experience your HEALTH as freedom in all the ways. you need to compromise with so many factors or make limit to yourself to achieve your health or feeling of well being .

Let’s understand with example if anyone have autoimmune disease one need to take care in all the aspects of disease to achieve optimal health. Whether you call it hypo/hyper thyroidism, psoriasis, alopecia areata, chron’s disease, coeliac disease and many more clinical conditions where your own immune system (security guards) started attacking to own body’s cell (family members). here provided all medical support one has to labeled self as a suffering of autoimmune disease with lifelong medication.

But dynamization of healing is body’s own innate wisdome and intelligence that drive through bilions of cell at mysterious microworld in form of homeostasis that is internal equilibrium .

a lady at age of 52 years suffering with celiac disease ( wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity) since 7 years with all medical and therapeutic support but restrictions with gluten content diet. her TTG, IGA- >100 which shows positive to celiac disease. now what is HEALING in this case?, by providing all the messures…!!!!…..nothing , no hope for cure so support….!!

But HOMOEOPATHIC medicines which are diluted substance has wonderful healing mechanisms as a dynamization of HEALING. providing 4 months of treatment she started eating wheat/ gluten content diet and her antibodies TTG, IGA are NEGATIVE (5.57)for celiac disease.

Healing with HOMOEOPATHY is dealing with deep root causes of DISEASES. it gives you permanent restoration of health. HOMOEOPATHIC medicines are highly diluted micro-neno particles that deal with deeper dimension of human body. redefine your health with best exeperience of your life because…… you DESERVE life……