Learn Precious Protector human skin (integumentary system)

Human skin is out most layer of human body and largest sense organ too.

Learn here what is Precious Protector human skin (Integumentary System). When you look at your skin ,it is not only physical structure what you can see but it also serves dynamic equilibrium between inner and outer environment. Beyond your perception under your skin there is entire chemical world, neurotransmitter’s movement, static electronic discharges, and greatest area for communicating different dimensions of human body.

As an outer sheath has not only separation of inner and outer world but an intelligent protective mechanism by growing hair and nails to serve different function as toxin elimination and thermo-regulation.

When we look at any skin disease like eczema, psoriasis, alopecia areata, nail disorder or any clinical condition on integumentary system of human body, we need to understand vitality of person as a dynamic force which is responsible for any disease condition rather then treating with short term goals.

Because if don’t address real cause of disease you can not achieve CURE.

Homoeopathic medicines have potential to deal with dynamic force (vital force) of body. and application of medicine is based on patient as a whole. realign deranged vital force with minimum doses, rapid, gentle and permanent cure can be achieve within short period of time.

CURE IS dynamic within the layers of skin. homoeopathic medicine work with different chemical compounds , neurotransmitters, temperature ,pressure, electromagnetic and kinetic force of structure. in this way it covers all the dimention of human body, and given structure too.


case of 42 yers male suffering from crack, fissured and scaly skin since 4years, took many treatments but healing with homoeopathy with 4 months of treatment.


case of 40 years female was suffering from burning pain, itching, and discoloration of nail since 3 years, different external applications didn’t work so started with homoeopathic medicine, complete cure within 6 months of treatment.

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