HEALTH is precious ASSET of our life but how do you define your health? our mission is to provide  your health in terms of FREEDOM  in all the ways by stimulating body’s natural healing mechanisms with homoeopathic medicine and  councelling

Our Services

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Cosmetic Homoeopathic

- Fungal Infection
- Hair Fall
- Skin and Nail Problems
- Alopecia and More

Life Style Diseases

- High Cholesterol
- Weight loss
- Weight Gain
- Sleeplessness and More

Female Diseases

- Easy Delivery
- Infertility
- Menopause
- PCOS and More

Child Psychiatry

- Learning Disorder
- Poor Memory
- Hyperactive Child
- ADHD and More

Cosmetic Dentistry

Need help with teeth bleaching, enamel bonding and more? You can count on us for the best cosmetic services.

Dental X-Rays​

X-rays help us reach the root cause of trouble and that’s where we like to dig in and help you with the right treatment.

Root Canals​

Root canals can be painful. But, we assure the most painless and tension-free root canal treatments in town.

Physicians Who Care

Human body has multiple dimensions, so HEALTH is established with all the dimensions of human body . qualified physician has deep knowledge and insight about multidimensional model of health , who is not only work for removing existing cause of disease but restoration of permanent HEALTH.

Generate Excitement

Homoeopathy is science to deal with natures law of cure, on bases of INDIVIDUALIZATION, means quality of person in so and so diasease which is KEY feachers of CURE…..

Mother And Child Health Care

Pregnancy is only duration of 9 months where mother and child shares INDIVISIBLE JOURNEY together. mother’s womb is only known WORLD for child during initial stage of life. child’s ultimate health is belongs to how the mother’s health during pregnancy Homoeopathy has great role to restore ihormonal balance, increase immunity during pregnancy, child’s holistic development .

About Us

Certified Dentists Committed to Excellence

We are a team of 3 certified dentists specialised in offering the best dental treatments in town. With adequate experience of over 12 years, we have mastered the skills of offering the best solutions with the latest technologies.

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Dr vandana is serving her 15 years of journy and exerience  of homoeopathy in her clinical practice. she is working psycosomatic aspect of disease means root causes of illness and  restoration of permenant health 



when we talk about pressure we generally conscious about our heart and so called cardiac system. patient started dwelling about...
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Precious Protector human skin (integumentary system)

Precious Protector human skin (integumentary system)

human skin is out most layer of human body and largest sense organ too. but when you look at your...
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Dynamization of Health

when any disease has deep root cause, we need to understand dynamization of health. it is commonly observed that fixing...
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