how do you define allergy???

Medical science has given standard definition that HYPERSENSITIVE RESPONSE of human IMMUNE system to wards foreign body….. here, foreign body could be  anything pollen,  dust, milk, milk product, egg, fish, nuts, whet, weather changes, change in pressure, temperatures end numbers of any specific things which your IMMUNE system consider as a foreign body.

Symptoms of allergic reaction could be …..itching, rash, wheels, swelling, red eyes, congestion of affected parts, abdomen pain, loose motion, nose block, ear block, head pain, and many times person may feel individual symptoms according to own IMMUNE RESPONSE but…..but……if we dig the question little bit in deep that why IMMUNE system is started RESPONSEING  certain way……. ???   The system which is Design for attacking noxious agents….why suddenly it started attacking on substances which already person adapted earlier……. for example many patients  who suffer from allergy they have admitted that I was able to eat so and so things ( which is now becomes  allergen for now) but since few days, weeks, months or years getting symptoms after consuming it…….so, here we need to rule out why IMMUNE SYSTEM reacts in certain way.

homoeopathy is advance science of well proved homoeopathic medicine on all the dimensions of human body.

  • physical
  • mental
  • intellectual
  • spiritual

it defines patient as a whole… so in certain allergic response of IMMUNE SYSTEM, how does patient behave?, what are thinking patterns? What defence mechanisms used by patient  during stress ? What are likes and dislike?  What things make him sad or happy / angry or suppression of anger/ scared or anxious any emotional or intellectual changes ……..         it sound so strange!!!!!……..but human body has complex communication in all dimensions.  So any disease has its own SIGNATURE.                

HOMOEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA HAS POWER TO DE-CODE THAT SPECIFIC SIGNATURE.   14 years boy, suffering from chronic allergic condition at multiple levels. Eyes,skin, respiratory system,  along with  frequent bleeding nose and general symptoms. Entire case talking permit one single homoeopathic similar medicine. He is completely free from any  hypersensitive IMMUNE RESPONSE, and able to tolerate any change in weather,  temprature,  or pressure which was not tolerate at all earlier.